short movie // D 2022 // 19 min



Angel and Demon get sent to earth in search for a myterious and old artifact. As they arrive on earth they meet by accident. Soon they discover their bosses true intentions and decide to team up against them. But is their friendship strong enough for them to choose their own destiny?




Dämon - Liane Genenz
Engel - Sandra Höflinger
Teufel - Alica Sysoeva


Gott - Daniel Blecker
Jessica - Fernande Prellwitz
Barkeeper - Michael Krause
Bardame - Monika Maria Herzing
Basti - Maximilian Müller
Studentin - Elisa Bublitz








Director and Script - Johanna Opitz
Camera Operator - Alex Zhuk
1. Assistant Camera - Johanna Zahn
2. Assistant Camera - Severin Schwarz
Gaffer - Anastasia Tornack
Best Boy - Angelina Anthony
Boom Operator - Tristan Graf
Sound Design - Patrick Friemelt
Visual Effects - Fabian Tornack
Executive Producer - Kevin Rudloff
Hair and Make-Up - Anna Maria Caciauna
Postproduction - Johanna Opitz
Music - Tristan Graf
Voice Over - Meldan Hukeljic

Singer - Ronko


The Hell

Devil is giving one of his demons instructions to find a mystical, magical and very ancient artifact which is supposed to withhold power - power strong enough to destroy the world.

The Bar

Angel and Demon discussing about what good and bad really mean - and which side they are truely on.

"Denn wer bestimmt, was gut und was böse ist? Denn auch der Teufel ist ein gefallener Engel."

The Library

The library is the place where a lot of crossroads meet. 

It is the place which leads to the meeting of angel and demon. But it as well is the place where both start to figure out what the magical artifact really is and where they decide to work together. 

Furthermore it is where they seem to find unexpected help.

Directors Statement

With the short movie Alles Gute kommt von oben I wanted to combine my two favourite genre - comedy and fantasy. Here I finally had the opportunity to realize my so far only fictional ideas by using some epic visual effects. I also wanted to take on the challenge to make the audience laugh, without being superficial.

My intention by creating this movie is not to teach, but to entertain, to engage the audience and to lure them out of their comfort zone. 

"Es gibt nicht immer Gut und Böse, das Leben findet dazwischen statt." 



I faced and overcame some big personal challenges creating this movie. 

I wantend the dialogues to sound as natural as possible, while being spoken by supernatural characters

It was also my first time shooting with green screen and using amazing visual effects.