shortfilm // D 2024 // 10min


The young student Luca feels pressured to start dating. She downloads a new dating app, where the dating partners can be swiped in real life. After a couple of bizarre dates, where no one seems to be the right fit, she comes across a dating profile, promising a true and faithful partner. But in the end this "perfect partner" turns out to be a dog called Paula.

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Writer, Director, Camera - Johanna Opitz
1. Assistant Camera - Max Hilzensauer
2. Assistant Camera - Lilly Brando
Gaffer - Anastasia Tornack
Best Boy - Keno Vanhoutte
Sound Mixer - Viktor Keilhack
Executive Producer - Maksim Zdjelar
Hair and Make-Up - Julia Titschinski
Costume - Fräulein Seide
Editor, Colorgrader, VFX - Johanna Opitz
Sound Design - Annalisa Urban




Luca - Anja Kleine-Kleffmann

Barkeeper - Manuel Köhler

Hannah - Marcella D'Agostino

Alex - Louis von Stebut

Miriam - Julia Moßburger

Kevin - Julian Falzone

Annette - Monika Maria Herzing

Sandro - Noa Kaiser

Luca Zahn - Jessica Ann Sy

Cem - Alex Weber

Paula - Paula

Directors Statement

The short movie Paula is meant to be a satirical film about the problems we still have in modern's society when it comes to (online) dating. A lot of people are still biased when it comes to apperances and looks, which is caused by Social Media. 

Many don't even try to get to know each other better or put any effort in trying to build a healthy relationship.

My intention creating this movie was to showcase that love can be found in unexpected places and might not always look like one would expect. 

Not only people can be faithful partners, because as the saying goes 

"a dog is a men's best friend". 

But I think the most important,
but also most forgotten kind of love
- is self love.